Art Director and Graphic Designer.

I don’t really like writing these types of things, I don’t think anybody does. In one paragraph you have to define yourself, to make it interesting for the other person to read. In the end, we are creating an empty discussion which doesn’t add anything to our CVs.
What I really want is to feel proud of my work, to know that I’ve been able to achieve something really worthwhile conceptually and esthetically, I want to work for places that value respect those two things.
i’m happy creating corporate identities, posters, packaging, web design, social networks and spots.


2007-2009 UNEO (Alicante) / 2010-2016 CONTRAPUNTO BBDO Barcelona / Now working as freelance / INSTAGRAM



3 SHORTLIST (Print) CANNES LIONS 2012 / Reflex “starters-finishers"
GOLD (Print) El SOL 2012 / Reflex “starters-finishers
4 MERITS (Print) Cdc Spain 2011 / Pizza&Love "Free love"